Momentum 2017: By Global Demand

Driven by a commitment to leveraging the trusted heritage and global reach of the Sotheby’s International Realty® brand, Momentum 2017 invited speakers from around the network to share their insights on emerging luxury and setting the standard.

The morning began with a special presentation by Tony Dolceamore, Global Vice President of Affiliate Services, North America, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, LLC; and Jon Meschke, Vice President of Affiliate Services at Realogy, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, LLC. Together, the two covered emerging luxury trends and the ways in which consumers are now spending more money on experiences and interaction. This has fused real estate marketing with the consumer’s journey, from artful storytelling through videography to special events that showcase a property.

New affluent consumers are also “doing it themselves” as home searches typically begin online. This means the role of the broker is changing to that of an advisor, offering the tools and knowledge a client needs that cannot be found at the click of a button. Dolceamore and Meschke also touched on the ways in which agents within the network can leverage the brand through exclusive partnerships and marketing initiatives that span from around the corner to around the world.

SIR Market Leaders  |  Setting the Standard

Moderated by Stacy Jones

Later in the afternoon, Momentum attendees had another opportunity to hear from voices within the Sotheby’s International Realty® (SIR) network, as Stacy Jones, Owner & Vice President of RSIR invited Gregg Lynn of SIR San Francisco, Bill Fandel of Telluride SIR, and Shen Schulz of SIR Malibu to the stage to talk about their leadership within the markets they serve.

Jones invited Lynn, Fandel & Schulz to speak on their positions as market leaders in the network.

Jones invited Lynn, Fandel & Schulz to speak on their positions as market leaders in the network.

Gregg Lynn, a regarded condominium expert in the San Francisco area, echoed sentiments expressed by Dolceamore and Meschke through his ability to advise his clients through the production of his annual condo report. He also noted the way in which systems have helped grow his business through the development of a team that allows him to focus on his role as an originator in his business.

Coming from a more remote market, Bill Fandel discussed the ways in which he utilizes Telluride’s feeder markets in order to present to brokerage communities, arrange client meetings, and provide an in-depth knowledge of where buyers are coming from. He said that in speaking in bringing Telluride knowledge and trends to other communities, he’s developed a macro-perspective that his clients appreciate and has refined his ability to secure referrals.

Finally, Shen Schulz presented on a set of “do’s and don’ts” he follows for success. Among the affirmations are to be visible and available, connect with others and take care of yourself. The must-not’s? Don’t waste time spent at the office, dwell in the negative or talk too much. He also says that in handling difficult conversations with brokers and clients, the key is to reframe the situation to ensure your client is the winner.

The panel ended with a Q&A, as members of RSIR asked the three guest speakers to touch on best practices, how to branch into new markets, and more.

Sean Nielsen