Sneak Peak: Boston Marathon

Marathon 1.jpg

Sean recently ran the Jack & Jill Marathon through the Snoqualmie Tunnel on the Ironhorse Trail on the way to North Bend—26.2 miles below the pass. Touted as one of the fastest tracks in Washington, he was able to sneak under the qualifying time for the 2020 Boston Marathon!

Having played soccer in his earlier college days, Sean has always run around after hours to burn off steam. However, he usually chases a ball around the basketball court or football field. Not until recently when filming a luxury home video for his Golf Listings in Newcastle, did he discover a new love for trail running up and down Cougar Mountain. Within months this faulted him into the marathon arena and has qualified for the Boston Marathon after only two races!

“Since I promote the active lifestyle of the various trails along Cougar Mountain and The Golf Club at Newcastle, I figured I’d give the mountain a go so I could ‘walk the walk,’ so to speak!” said Nielsen.

That’s how he got started and since then, he hasn’t looked back. It turns out that running is a great way to see new sights of places you live and explore lands you visit on vacation.

“Since I’ve been training for my marathon races, I’ve explored Rome and the Amalfi Coast of Italy, trails in Truckee, California and the streets of Bend, Oregon,” Nielsen added.

Up next, luxury home tours while running a sub-7min/mile! 🤪